EASTER at its best!

We made an egg for each one of us and every grand child.
One of Ben's first creations...he's still in the beginner phases ;)
This was my poor attempt of a football (of course my egg for Ben). I think next time I see a football I should do a better job studying it, you never know when your going to need to draw one on an egg.

A true artist. Not only can he color them, but he can create many delicious meals with them.
Hey little D, I worked hard on getting just the right shade of orange I hope that you approve.

Wow. I am one lucky girl, lol.

Letting my creative energy flow.

I hope you approve Mr. Easter Bunny

The finished product! The Robin/Layne crew will except payment in exchange for professional egg dyeing lessons. Requirements: 1.) It must be late so you are tired and loopy. 2.) You have to surrender your favorite mug and be prepared for a permanent new color. 3.) By the end of the session if your fingers are not appropriately colored for days you have done something terribly wrong.


Kira said...

"The orange one is MINE!" (yes he approves). Looks like you guys had fun, maybe late night egg coloring is the best way to go. And I do miss the delicious meals that come after the coloring.

John and Stef said...

Great pictures! Looks fun. I love that you colored eggs even with out little ones around too!