The Little Guy

Isaiah Gabriel Trujillo- so maybe I stole these from Jon-- I don't have a camera so I improvise. He is cute enough he deserves to be posted twice.
Soy el gran Tio---Maybe I do hog him a little and hold him more than everyone else, but that is because he likes me the most. He told me!!!!

Lake Powell '07

I Really Can Fly

Prime Spot


The Crew chillin on some whale, in a park, on the shore, waiting for our tour guide, in Anchorage.


Sunrise from the plane. We chased the sun all the way up to Alaska.

This was our group: Left to right- Hillary, Wes, Ben, John, Sarge (back) and Jeff. Oh, and the sweet classic Suburban of course. Lets go Fishin'
My first big Red Salmon.

'Snagging Alaska Style'

Combat Fishing: "Fish On, Fish On, Fish Off"
--- This was my first experience with group 'Combat' fishing and 'Snagging'. As you can see there is not much room between you and your fellow fisherman. This line of fisherman stretches up and down the river for miles. At least you have someone close to chat with:) You don't really need to let the fish go after the bait, you actually don't even use bait, you just try and hook them within one inch of thier mouth while pulling (jerking) your line through the water. Cool Huh!