It was nice to have such a relaxed Christmas. No stressful wedding plans, Kira & Cole back in Utah, and my two very adorable niece and nephew.
Christmas at Gran and Paca Ricks house

Ben's new toy from my Mom and Rick, a branding Iron. lucky for me...we have the same initials.

Two very loved and spoiled grandchildren.

Showing us her new cute sweater

Showing off his new Buzz shirt

For Christmas I was unable to get off early enough from work to enjoy the wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with the whole Layne clan, but we did our best. We drove down to St. George Christmas Eve and stayed in a hotel for the night. Woke up bright and early and made it in time for Christmas morning in the Layne house.
Santa brought and amazing array of gifts.

Your not suppose to look good Christmas morning...this is me showing you all how it is done.

Oliver showing us how to use his new toothbrush.

Two very excited boys.

This was the hot new toy that everyone had to get their hands on.

Santa did a great job of bringing all the family together. I am looking forward to next year!


The Beautiful Mayan Temple

When my Mother mentioned her and Rick were going to Cancun, I was really quick to jump on this bandwagon. And I am so glad Ben and I did, we were surrounded in paradise and extreme beauty. We highered a driver to take us around and see all the touristy sights.

Wild Iguana's ran all around us

We were unable to climb or go inside the temple for safety reasons, But how I wish I could have had a peek inside. It is said to have been built on top of a few pre-existing temples.

Our tour guide literally wore us out, he was hard to understand and heat didn't seem to bother him. We were all dying for shade and rest by the time he was done with us.

The architecture and thought that went into the buildings and structures was amazing for the time period. They built the temple on higher ground and leveled it out

The astronomy tower, to star watch and calculate the calendar.

I thought there was just the main temple I didn't realize there were so many other buildings which included, a school, sports court, theater, and much more I can't remember, or understand.

This is the market, it use to have a top but it all caved in. It was used to sell and trade goods and grocery's, the peoples local Albertson's.

We woke up really early to avoid the crowds...they were not kidding about the tour buses. Many languages were being spoken other than Spanish and English, we heard French and German.

I really wish this picture would have turned out better but I had to put it up anyways.

When I die I will have many questions I would like to have answered about this place, it was so amazing!

I have no idea how to spell out the name of these caves but this was beautiful, they were created by rain water and meteors breaking through the surface. Supposedly the meteors that killed the dinosaurs, our driver firmly believed in this concept. The rocks drooped like stretched taffy and the water was a beautiful blue green.

Many people know I hate cold water...and I was not about to jump into this pool.

Our beautiful Resort the Ritz Carlton in Cancun. The beach was a perfect white sand, and the water was the most beautiful shade of aqua blue. The cleanest, bug free beach I have ever been on. Every day the cabana boys would lay out our towels for us on the beech so we could lay out and enjoy the ocean and the sound of the ways.

This was our stunning view from our balcony. We pretty much were outside all the time, who could resist this entertaining arrangement. This is my Disneyland.

Right outside the entrance to our room they had this beautiful courtyard, (all indoors) with these perfectly groomed leafy plants draping down four or five floors.

Ben got all romantic on me (he is really picking up on how to surprise and spoil me). But he and Rick with possibly a little nudge from my Mom arranged a romantic surprise sunset dinner on the beach. Lucky for us it was a full moon and it was huge! It was amazing to watch it rise up out of the horizon first being a blinding beautiful yellow/orange and then high in the sky to its usual pretty white dot.

Such a happy couple

The only lights were under the table illuminating the cabana.

Our table and cabana, and amazing (basically) American food. To help set the mood they had a saxophone musician walking up and down the board walk playing romantic melodies.

I miss this place, I could easily move here. I can not wait to revisit.