My Valentine

Best Valentines EVER!

He can't do just one, but I can't complain I love three! These were made and delivered to my work on Saturday by my lovely new sister Mindy. I think I blush every time =)

I finally got my wedding band! Ben gave it to me at our favorite restarant Tiburon. Since we have done a lot of wedding planning backwards I like to think of it as my engagement ring. He got a little nervous giving it to me...I think he knows he still owes me a proposal, and I'm not going to forget!

Ben did an amazing job...with a little push in the right direction ;)

I am one lucky girl, with an amazing Husband.

Sun Valley, Idaho

On the Road...

Our temporary get-away

Neat snow sculpture right as
you enter/exit the resort

Ben didn't cooperate with me taking photo's,
so there are a few good shots and a lot of attitude.

This is what a snow shoe's look like

Ben showing you how its done

I really didn't expect to sink with the shoes as far as we did,
but i'm sure with our regular boots we would have been thigh high.

The view from the top of the little
hill we climbed and conquered

Snow shoeing = hard work

I loved all the shops and restraunts
right outside our door!

Random Racoon, I've only seen them
squished on the side of the road

More random attitude

Cute little duckies, they must
be warm my coat sure is
I spent a lot of my time by the fire reading
some books while Ben was in work shops
Our room, it smelled (and looked) just like my
Grandpa "Papa's" old condo, it felt like home
Some cooperation...but still attitude