We went to Cali to celebrate my Aunt Susie's 90th Birthday what an amazing trip!
This is the view from our hotel the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. The most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in. They also treated us very well upgrading us to the club level, and knowing us by name whenever they saw us.

Well, we had the chance to go to Disney Land and I was very excited to see how it would be decorated for Halloween (one of my most favorite holiday's)...But instead we decided to go whale watching. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised it was such a blast!

No Whales but plenty of Incredible dolphins!

The dolphins didn't hold very still for our pictures

It was amazing we were completely surrounded by a pod of about 200-300 dolphins. The dolphins are very curious animals getting a close look was not hard at all. I highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone...but when they warn you about getting close to the edge because you may get wet...its true I was soaked from the waist down, wet jeans not the best.

Sneaking in a picture of my mom =)

I wish we would have taken some pictures of my wonderful family in Cali, but I can't wait for our next visit.
Ben and I got to attend our cute nephew's birthday party

Elijah and Grandma

Mindy and Alex know how to throw a great party, lucky Isiah

Adorable Grandma & Grandpa Layne

Isiah is one popular little man

Isiah loves Spiderman

Favorite gift, he had a very hard time focusing on all the other gifts after opening this one. Zoom, aka Lightning we know what we should all give him.

I love this picture cute little Elijah is contently chewing on a water bottle. =)
Fall Colors
Jon, Tracy and our adorable nephew Oliver joined us for a trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon to see the fall colors before they withered away. It was quite a chilly evening but it was very beautiful. I wish we did trips like this more often!

Bear Lake
a Layne yearly tradition
good food, fun with family/friends, fresh air and relaxation
Our cute Nephew Isiah, who loves to play any and all sports.

Very busy beach

Cindy swimming with Isiah

Ian Building motes

Mckenna & Morgan making sea shell soup

Our beach camp for the day

I wish we took more pictures of our fun vacation but hopefully there will be many more trips.
One good day at the park
Bingham's, Layne's & Steadman's

Best Buds Nephew Dawson, & Sister McKenna

*Adorable* Sister Morgan & Niece Kate

Brother Parker chasing serious lil' D

Brother Ian, running the bases

Zoie-the dog, Dad-Lee, & a model pose from Morgan

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

The sign says it all for me

of one great day