Redfish Lake July 2011

Started with my 26th B-day. And Three perfect little cakes.

The cutest little Bingham/Wittwer crew. Watching movies in the cabin.

Hiking to the meadow. Considering it is a long hike all the little one's and prego Erin did great, they almost made it, next year for sure!

This meadow... No need to say more.

Kira and I found these little guys in the middle of the trail.

We had to take a boat out for a tour of the Lake the weather did not decide to co-operate. It was quite chilly, but worth it.

See Darth Vedor

Everyone had to take a turn with Paca Rick driving the boat.

Including Gran!

Erin, I can't wait to see the mystery baby. I am sure it will be as cute as your other two.

Highly recommended we try this restaurant we didn't just go there once, but twice. They do have amazing onion rings! Thanks Cole

The End of a wonderful Trip. Next time it will be even better with our missing family members.


It was nice to have such a relaxed Christmas. No stressful wedding plans, Kira & Cole back in Utah, and my two very adorable niece and nephew.
Christmas at Gran and Paca Ricks house

Ben's new toy from my Mom and Rick, a branding Iron. lucky for me...we have the same initials.

Two very loved and spoiled grandchildren.

Showing us her new cute sweater

Showing off his new Buzz shirt

For Christmas I was unable to get off early enough from work to enjoy the wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with the whole Layne clan, but we did our best. We drove down to St. George Christmas Eve and stayed in a hotel for the night. Woke up bright and early and made it in time for Christmas morning in the Layne house.
Santa brought and amazing array of gifts.

Your not suppose to look good Christmas morning...this is me showing you all how it is done.

Oliver showing us how to use his new toothbrush.

Two very excited boys.

This was the hot new toy that everyone had to get their hands on.

Santa did a great job of bringing all the family together. I am looking forward to next year!