The Little Guy

Isaiah Gabriel Trujillo- so maybe I stole these from Jon-- I don't have a camera so I improvise. He is cute enough he deserves to be posted twice.
Soy el gran Tio---Maybe I do hog him a little and hold him more than everyone else, but that is because he likes me the most. He told me!!!!


nojycart said...

I'm pretty sure you are not "little guys" favorite, because you dont even like kids. You dont like them because you are a bitter old man that does not like married people because you wish you were but wont do anything about it. True dat

Barb Johnson said...

BENJAMIN!!! A little bird (or squirrel or somethin) told me it's your birthday!!! Holy cow old man! Hope you made it a great one! Nice Blog, by the way..awesome pictures of Alaska! Next year...take your wife! Ha!

Jen and Mark said...

Ben Hi-
Love the blog. Lake Powell looks like fun. Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday. How old are you now? Oh and cutest little nephew of yours! I would hog him too.

Homer Family said...

Ben! So I don't know how I came upon this blog, but Hi! How in the heck are you? Looks like your livin' it up huh! Hey why not?