Christmas 2009

Mom and Dad Layne

Christmas Eve Dinner

Bridgette and Baby Elija (Mindy & Alex #2)

Ben and Baby "Liver" (Jon & Tracy #1)

"Buzz" Isaiah - this was the first and only gift he opened. He wouldn't put him down long enough to open his other presents :)

Wii - ROCK BAND "The Beatles"
Featuring "Little D" Dawson on the Drums

"Little D" Dawson and Kate Opening Presents.


Kira said...

Cute video!!! I had lots of fun being in town. Hope you come out here soon.

Kira said...

Oh and that Buzz is the exact same one Dawson got for Christmas. Isaiah and him played so well together at the party.

Andy and Elise said...

Looks like fun. We need to get together, you know we live pretty close now!